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Rebecca Lowman and
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Sunil Malhotra
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Lowman and Malhotra perfectly voice star-crossed friends Eleanor and Park as two comic-book reading, mixed-tape-listening misfits who become lovers after having to sit next to each other on a crowded school bus. The rich narration brings the 1980's setting to life and fills it with these complex, convincing, and interesting young adults.


Meeting Notes for May

Meeting Notes for May 17:

Positive Comments:

  • The audio compels listeners to continually stay with it as long as possible.
  • The narration of these convincing and smart, but flawed, characters is especially rich.
  • Narration for the adults creates round, interesting characters.
  • The slightly ambiguous ending adds to the story.
  • The story emphasizes teenager personalities than its 1980s setting.
  • The mother’s accent and broken English integrate with her complex identity.


  • The story begins slowly.
  • Snippets of the music might have been a good addition to the audio book as a way to offer a sense of time.
  • The two points of view can pull the listener in and out of the story.
  • The audio is too long.
  • Eleanor’s voice is too “precious,” making it slightly unbelievable for her character.


Meeting Notes for April 19:

Meeting Notes for April 19:

  • Needs more listeners.