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How to Nominate a Book

Any titles published for children or teens in the current year are eligible. In case of doubt about publication date, please follow the date listed in the book itself. Reisssues are eligible for consideration if they include significant new content, such as new illustrations. Titles published only as eContent are not eligble for nomination.

Print:  Brief description of book, and brief reasons why you think this deserves to be one of one hundred. Limit yourself to 100 words!
Audio: As above, but give a brief description of the title (one sentence about the book itself) followed by what makes this an outstanding audio production. Recommended age range (using our standard categories) at the end in parentheses.
Once you are logged in, you will see a new block called your username.
Click on “Create Content”
Click on “Book”
  • Title: Book title in all caps. If it’s an audiobook, include [AUDIOBOOK]
  •  Cover: See last page of this documentation for step-by-step directions.  
  •  Authors: Just like the old nomination form.  There is now (July 2010) a separate field for the narrator.
  •  Publisher: Select one. If it’s not in the list, click on “Other” and email Darcie Caswell to add it.
  •  List year: Choose 2011 for books published in 2010.
  •  Ages: Choose the reading group to which it belongs.
  • Subjects: You can add tags to your nomination by typing them in this field. Use commas to separate the tags and please use title case. If the tag already exists, you will see it appear in the drop-down list below the entry field and you can select it.  If the tag does not exist, continue and finish typing it.  The new tag will be added to the list when you add the entry. (E.g. Civil War, Fredericksburg, Disease)
  • Publication Month: An optional field, but necessary if you are nominating a book pre-publication.  Books will not appear on the agenda until the month of publication.
  • Publication Year: Required, should be current calendar year.
  • Edition information: Same as nomination form – choose the format, put in the price (e.g. 17.00 – no need to include the dollar sign), and the 13-digit ISBN.
  • Add your nomination. (Please ignore the annotation field, as it will be used for the final published list.)  If you compose your nomination in Word and then paste it into this form, be aware that some of your formatting may be lost.  If you keep the text simple (no bolding, font changes, etc.), it should be fine.  You are encouraged to add your name to the nomination.   If you are currently on an ALA committee and are unable to publicly nominated, please contact Darcie Caswell for a special non-identifying username.   
  • The URL path must be entered.  It should  closely mirror your book title.  Follow these guidelines:
    • All lowercase letters
    • No spaces or characters like apostrophes
    • Use underscores to separate words
    • Drop articles
    • Include up to 4 words
    • Add audiobook to title where applicable.
    • Take a look at other books in the site for good clean URLs (e.g., stuff_of_legend, woods_runner_audio).
Your nomination is published by default, so all you need to do is click “Save” for it to be published. You can preview it before saving it if you like.  Once it is published, you have the ability to edit your own nomination.  Click on the title, then on the Edit tab.
Uploading a Cover Image:
Every nomination is enhanced by an accompanying cover shot. Please use LibraryThing if possble in order to get a good-sized image.  Go to and click on “search” in the upper left. Then search for the title. Once you’ve found it, click on “Covers” and you will have your choose of both Amazon-supplied and Member-uploaded covers. 
Right-click on a cover (I usually choose one of the largest) and choose “Save image as” and then type in your image name into the “Save Picture” box that appears. Usually the images are in a JPEG format, so you can save them as my_book.jpg. The image name should be lowercase, one word or multiple words separated by underscores. This saves the image to your hard-drive.
To upload the image to accompany your nomination, click in the field below “Cover,” and an image uploader will appear. Navigate to where your image is on your hard-drive. Having a separate folder for your cover images makes this easy.
Select your image and click "Open;" the file name will be placed in the image field. Click “Upload” and the image will be uploaded and automatically resized to a maximum of 125 x 125 pixels. The height/width ratio will be kept so it will look good.
 If you want to change the picture after it’s submitted, click on “Remove.” You will then be able to re-upload a different image.