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Capitol Choices Agenda for Friday, March 24




Arlington County Library Auditorium

Number of readers required for discussion (first round/second and subsequent rounds):

0-7, 7-10, and 10-14: 7 / 5 readers

14 & up: 5 / 3 readers

Audio: 3 / 2 listeners

Book discussion guidelines reviewed:

Look at each book for what it is, rather than what it is not.

· Make positive comments first. Try to express what you liked about the book and why. (e.g. "The illustrations are a perfect match for the story because....")

· After everyone has had the opportunity to say what they appreciated about the book, you may talk about difficulties you had with a particular aspect of the book. Try to express difficulties as questions, rather than declarative judgments on the book as a whole. (e.g. "Would Max's dinner really have still been warm?" rather than "That would never happen.")

· Avoid recapping the story or booktalking the book. There is not time for a summary.

· Refrain from relating personal anecdotes. The discussion must focus on the book at hand.

· Try to compare the book with others on the discussion list, rather than other books by the same author or other books in your experience.

· All perspectives and vocabularies have equal weight.

· Listen openly to what is said, rather than who says it.

· Respond to the comments of others, rather than merely waiting for an opportunity to share your comments.

· Talk with each other, rather than to the discussion facilitator.

· Comment to the group as a whole, rather than to someone seated near you.

9:30 Announcements
From the Board From the group at large Capitol Choices Norms

9:50 Up to Seven

Deedy. The Rooster who would not be Quiet
Jenkins. A Greyhound, A Groundhog.
Jocelyn. Sam Sorts.
McCully. Caroline's Comets : a True Story
Rim. Chee-Kee a Panda in Bearland.
Rinker. Mighty Mighty Construction Site.
Smith. A Perfect Day.

10:30 Seven to Ten

Bang. Rivers of Sunlight : How the Sun moves water around the earth.
Chin. Grand Canyon.
Levy. Soldier Song : A True story of the Civil War.

Macy. Trudy's Big Swim
Markle. The Search for Olinguito : Discovering a New Species.
Myers. Frederick Douglass : the Lion who wrote history.
Weatherford. The Legendary Miss Lena Horne.
Winter. The Secret Project


11:20 Ten to Fourteen

Bausum. The March against Fear : The Last Great walk of the Civil Rights movement and the emergence of black power.
Gemeinhart. Scar Island
Grimes. One Last Word : Wisdom from the Harlem Renaissance
Oh. Flying Lessons and other stories
Powell. Loving vs. Virginia : A Documentary Novel of the Landmark Civil Rights Case
Sheinkin : Undefeated : Jim Thorpe and the Carlisle Indian School Football Team
Spinelli. The Warden's Daughter

12:00 Fourteen and up

LaCour. We are Okay
Roe. A List of Cages
Thomas. The Hate U Give